What the Air Force’s X-37B Launches Could Mean

logo_airforceOn May 20, 2015, the Air Force’s X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle launched its fourth time into orbit on a secret mission. The mission is completely confidential and no one is giving forth any information regarding what is going on when it is up in the air. However, that does not mean that there is not plenty ofspeculation and conspiracy theories going around. It has been a popular topic of debate since the first secretive mission.

The Things We Do Know

One thing that is not a big secret is that so far, every time a mission takes place, it is longer lasting than the one before it. The first, inaugural mission took off in April 2010. It stayed up for 225 days. The second mission, which took off in June 2012 and lasted 469 days. The third was exceptionally long, lasting 675 days. It departed in October 2014. No one is revealing how long this fourth mission is going to last, but rumors are that it will be in orbit until sometime between mid-to-late 2016.

The space plane known by all as the X-37B is in low earth orbit. It stays between 110 and 500 miles above the earth and the International Space Station is located about 220 miles above earth. There are people who report seeing it soar overhead about every four days.

We also know that the Boeing X-37B is too small to carry people on board, but that there is cargo space and equipment inside of it. This does little to help or hinder the many rumors going around about what it may be doing while it is up there circling the globe.

Let the Theories Begin

Some people feel that it is a space ship that will one day attack one of America’s enemies. They feel that it is a bombing mission of sorts. Most people feel that this is the least likely possibility because it does not make sense.

Another popular theory is that it is spying on other countries or other satellites. There is potential behind this theory. However, most people do not feel that it spies on China’s satellite, the closest to where it orbits, because they are not close enough, for long enough to
have it do any good. Though taking satellite images of other areas, does sound feasible.


All in all, people just do not know. There is some sustenance to it being purely a way to test technology and ensure that one piece of equipment can handle repeated and lengthy trips into the outer area of Earth. It would make sense because it would allow the safety of the space program to make more advances in the near future.

Will We Ever Know the Truth?

The truth behind the X-37B space plane is constantly being second guessed by people. Everyone is interested in knowing all there is to know, and no one is talking. This will always make curious minds more curious. The good news is, we may all one day find out what is going on. There are people who mention that within the next five years or so, the mystery surrounding this confidential space voyage will be revealed. Until that day comes, the world will simply have to wait and see what the future holds and how many more voyages it will take.