Is There Truth to What is Written in the Stars?

Everyday there are people who check their horoscope to see what the stars have to say about their day. What will happen to them? Will they meet their soulmate? Is today a day that they are better off calling in sick and going back to bed on? Some people base their day on these snippets of information. Others simply enjoy reading about what the stars have to say and they wonder if there is actually truth behind it or if it is all luck of the draw. Do you believe there is truth to what is written in the stars?

Why People Love Astrology and Horoscopes?

Horoscopes are everywhere. Each day you wake up and whether you check the internet or check your local newspaper, chances are good, your daily dose of horoscope bliss will be nearby. It is very tempting to read it. We all need hope for tomorrow. A lonely person wants to know that love is coming their way. A person who is struggling with their finances wants to hear that a better job is coming up in the near future. They give us the hope that we need and the proof that our future is going to be brighter than our past, but while reading, we must also ask ourselves whether it is true or simply wishful thinking.

How It Began

Throughout history, and as far back as research has explored, people have placed value and significance on astronomical events. The Mayans, Chinese, and Indians went so far as to develop systems that were able to predict certain terrestrial events based on their celestial observations. This is how astrology came to be, and from that we have the horoscopes that everyone loves to read.

mayan calendar

The idea behind astrology and horoscopes is that based on the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth, you will have certain things laid out and “preplanned” for your future. They believe that it impacts the type of person you will be, whether you will be successful or not, and various other aspects of your life.

This same idea, in the past, helped farmers grow food and people began to make note of how the moon impacts the tides. The rise of certain groups of stars were used to predict when the flood season would happen. Some believed it was a sign of things to come while others believed it would cause actual events to happen. Astrological theories and ideas have been tested throughout history by scientists. What have they discovered?

Is There Any Scientific Validity in Horoscopes?

31mSg3OkZ0LBecause of the fact that studying stars is considered scientific, there is a lot of debate over whether horoscopes quality as scientific or not. It has been studied by scientists for years and to date there has been no true scientific evidence that horoscopes are legitimate. The reason why is simple.

Horoscopes are based on human beings and their personality traits. However, if your astrological sign is Cancer, you may still be able to look at an Aquarius sign’s predictions and find yourself in it as well. This happens because it is loosely based on certain traits that most people have or want to have. Meaning that two people can be born under the same sign, on the same day, and have other “astrological” similarities linked to their birth, but they remain total opposites. One may be shy while the other is outgoing. One may be successful while the other is not. Their horoscope will leave enough gray area in it to fit both people either way.

The key is, believing. If you believe that your truth is written above, you will find yourself in the things you read. It has been proven time and time again through actual scientific studies. Our own minds are what gives the horoscopes power.