Greatest Miracle On Earth

When you look up at the stars each night, you probably think it is a beautiful sight to see. We feel the same. It is amazing to see billions of constellations and wonder what is hidden in the stars. For some people, it is the greatest miracle on Earth. For others, though, there are greater miracles than the shooting stars above and that is the miracle of life. That is why we encourage our new mothers to celebrate all aspects of life, especially when they are pregnant and carrying around their newborn child.

Why We Love the Stars

telescopeAny time you look toward the sky, a miracle can be seen. There are shooting stars, comets, constellations, and more. It is the universe that we live in. It has been shaped by time and it is constantly changing, much the same as the world around us. It is a place filled with mystery. It is beautiful and unending.

Science knows a lot about the universe, but no one knows all of the secrets it may hold in a black hole billions of miles away. We all ponder the question of whether there is life hidden somewhere in this world beyond ours. It is a fascinating concept that there could be other beings who live out there somewhere wondering if they are also the only ones to exist.

The Beauty of Life

miracleoflifePerhaps we value life so much because of our fascination with the stars because the way a life begins is a mystery as complex as the stars. We are all conceived by our parents. One day we are not there and then something magical happens and a seed is planted. That tiny little cell then forms into a tiny human being and it constantly changes and grows, shining brighter as its life begins at birth.

Our new mothers feel that miracle during their pregnancy. We often joke about the little alien inside of us and savor the way our body changes along with it. It is a beautiful experience that is more valuable to us than the changes within our galaxy.

Share the Beauty with Your Newborn

nightwatchOften a young mother may worry that she will have to give up star gazing because of her newborn. It is not easy to hold a sleeping infant while focusing in on something in outer space through a telescope. However, most moms have words of wisdom for those who are concerned. We talk openly about sharing the beauty with a newborn by using the best baby carrier on the market. Carriers are designed to keep a newborn warm and safely tucked against their mommy’s heart, exactly where they belong. Best of all though is the simple fact that as the infant grows into toddlerhood, it can be a bonding experience for both parent and child.

In our group, we also have fathers who enjoy star gazing with their little ones. They choose the most comfortable baby carrier for themselves and it is something that makes them love the stars, even more because they are able to share the mysteries of the Universe with their tiny miracle.