Most Recent Supernova Ignition Takes Scientists by Surprise

Supernova-205x300The most recent supernova event has left the science world second guessing the things they once believed. It happened during the early part of this year and thanks to the Kepler space telescope, as well as the Australian National University’s research, they were able to see a 1a supernova during the earliest stages of ignition through the next three weeks when it reached its peak brightness. Over the next few months they continued to watch as its brightness declined. (more…)

Is There Truth to What is Written in the Stars?

Everyday there are people who check their horoscope to see what the stars have to say about their day. What will happen to them? Will they meet their soulmate? Is today a day that they are better off calling in sick and going back to bed on? Some people base their day on these snippets of information. Others simply enjoy reading about what the stars have to say and they wonder if there is actually truth behind it or if it is all luck of the draw. Do you believe there is truth to what is written in the stars? (more…)