The Mystery behind the Northern Lights

NorthernLights-300x200Most people have heard of the northern lights. Many have been able to see their beauty. Those who have never seen them, wish that they could. It is one of those natural phenomenon that never loses its significance. People from all over the world travel to places where the northern lights are most visible during peak times of the year. Have you ever wondered why some areas see it more often than others? What really goes on within our world when the Northern lights form? Below, you will find out what causes these lights to dance across our skies. (more…)

Astrological Events to Watch in 2015

Have you ever looked up at the sky and saw something amazing? Whether it was a comet shooting across the night sky, or a lot of shooting stars, it always makes a person stop and think about all that goes on in our universe. It does not matter if you see it or not, already this year there have been a total sun and a total moon eclipse. You can be certain that there are always celestial things happening above you. In 2015, there are also a variety of things going on. How many will you be able to see? How many do you know about? Here are some of the most impressive astrological events to watch in 2015. (more…)