Are Your Moods As Shifty As the Tides?

TideClock-300x225 (1)Research has proven that the effects of the moon are felt on the earth. If it were not for the moon, we would not have ocean tides, our planet earth would not be able to stay on its axis of rotation and even metals may not be as abundant as they are. The moon also impacts animal life in some cases. For instance, a lion may be less likely to hunt food when the full moon is high in the sky. They favor the darkness instead of the light given by the moon. What other things may be impacted by the night sky and the moon’s brightness? Is there a chance that the moon makes yourmoods as shifty as the tides?

What History Thinks of the Moon Phases?

Chances are good you have heard the saying, “It must be a full moon!” Through history, the moon and its phases have been blamed for a variety of things. It used to be said that on the full moon is when werewolves would come out. The moon is in virtually all scary stories that kids tell. It is to the point that nowadays anything that happens that is out of the ordinary or crazy is the moons fault.


In the days of our past, yes, there may have been instances where the full moon caused crazy things to happen. It has been said that people would go crazy during a full moon if they were going to go crazy at all. Another thing that was blamed on a full moon was epileptic seizures. There are old wives tales about cats and dogs going mad during the full moon and even more babies being born, more deaths, and even more accidents that result in injury.

The myths surrounding the moon’s effect on things are numerous. Do they hold any substance?

What Science Says about Our Moon’s Effects?

The moon is such a popular topic. Is it any wonder that there have been numerous studies done throughout the world regarding how the moon may potentially influence people in certain situations? There have been studies done to see if more women menstruate during the full moon, whether emergency room visits increase, or doctors mess up, and people have more seizures, etc. In most cases, the theory that the full moon controls all things seem to be nothing more than a myth, with one exception.

Animals do seem to be affected by the moon’s phases. Animals seem to get injured more during a full moon, but there is reason to wonder whether it is because their owners take them out more that night. According to one study, there may also be an increase in dog bites on the night of the full moon. However, another similar study was done in another area of the world and showed no increase in dogs biting. This is one area that definitely needs more research.

The research of our moon and its effect on us, leaves a lot to be desired. If we cannot blame the moon for things going crazy, what can we blame? The answer to this, could be as simple as looking at other planets in our solar system.

Mercury Retrograde Could Be the Culprit

Mercuryretrograde-300x300At various times throughout the year, planets seem to change the way they move. One of the most often mentioned is Mercury. It happens about three times a year and lasts roughly 3 weeks. When it occurs the planet Mercury seems to go backward instead of forward. It is an illusion that is caused by the planet slowing how fast it rotates.

According to Astrologists, there is a connection between Mercury retrograding and a substantial amount of confusion within our world. They believe that Mercury rules communication, travel, technology and other aspects of our lives. When it appears to be going backward, things here tend to go crazy. They recommend that you try to finish things before Mercury retrogrades and that you avoid making any big moves during the retrograde period. This means you should try to avoid traveling, buying things, accepting a new job, or anything huge that may impact your life later because things are in too much confusion during this time.

There is some thought that during the retrograde of Mercury, the stock market may crash, there will be travel delays, miscommunication issues, computer and cell phones stop working, contracts have issues, and more. It is a planet that they dub as being the troublemaking planet. So perhaps instead of blaming the moon for future troubles in your life, you should simply blame it on the planets.