Greatest Miracle On Earth

When you look up at the stars each night, you probably think it is a beautiful sight to see. We feel the same. It is amazing to see billions of constellations and wonder what is hidden in the stars. For some people, it is the greatest miracle on Earth. For others, though, there are greater miracles than the shooting stars above and that is the miracle of life. That is why we encourage our new mothers to celebrate all aspects of life, especially when they are pregnant and carrying around their newborn child.

Why We Love the Stars

telescopeAny time you look toward the sky, a miracle can be seen. There are shooting stars, comets, constellations, and more. It is the universe that we live in. It has been shaped by time and it is constantly changing, much the same as the world around us. It is a place filled with mystery. It is beautiful and unending.

Science knows a lot about the universe, but no one knows all of the secrets it may hold in a black hole billions of miles away. We all ponder the question of whether there is life hidden somewhere in this world beyond ours. It is a fascinating concept that there could be other beings who live out there somewhere wondering if they are also the only ones to exist.

The Beauty of Life

miracleoflifePerhaps we value life so much because of our fascination with the stars because the way a life begins is a mystery as complex as the stars. We are all conceived by our parents. One day we are not there and then something magical happens and a seed is planted. That tiny little cell then forms into a tiny human being and it constantly changes and grows, shining brighter as its life begins at birth.

Our new mothers feel that miracle during their pregnancy. We often joke about the little alien inside of us and savor the way our body changes along with it. It is a beautiful experience that is more valuable to us than the changes within our galaxy.

Share the Beauty with Your Newborn

nightwatchOften a young mother may worry that she will have to give up star gazing because of her newborn. It is not easy to hold a sleeping infant while focusing in on something in outer space through a telescope. However, most moms have words of wisdom for those who are concerned. We talk openly about sharing the beauty with a newborn by using the best baby carrier on the market. Carriers are designed to keep a newborn warm and safely tucked against their mommy’s heart, exactly where they belong. Best of all though is the simple fact that as the infant grows into toddlerhood, it can be a bonding experience for both parent and child.

In our group, we also have fathers who enjoy star gazing with their little ones. They choose the most comfortable baby carrier for themselves and it is something that makes them love the stars, even more because they are able to share the mysteries of the Universe with their tiny miracle.

How Do Gyroscopes Work?

Not everyone knows what a gyroscope is, but most everyone has seen them at one time or another and most have had the opportunity to use them, even if they did not realize it. One of the most common gyroscopes is a spinning wheel that is inside of three rings that are called gimbals. These little devices are fun to watch and have been used in a variety of things throughout history, since their invention back in 1743 when it was called either the “Serson’s Speculum” (after John Serson) or the “Whirling Speculum”.

The History of Gyroscopes

super2(5)-450It was introduced in 1743 and used to locate the horizon when someone was out in a misty or foggy weather situation. Later, in 1817, Johann Bohnenberger invented a device that more closely resembles today’s gyroscopes. He called it the “Machine” and it was based on a rotating sphere. In 1832, it became a disk thanks to Walter R. Johnson and it became a teaching device. By 1852, Leon Foucault used it as a part of an experiment that showed the rotation of Earth and in 1860 electric motors made it possible for the gyroscope to spin indefinitely.

After those remakes, a toy company, Chandler Company of Indianapolis, began making a simple toy that worked with a pull string and pedestal. After that, the fascination and use of these devices continued to grow. As time went on, they became even more useful as well.

The Science behind Gyroscopes

When it comes to how a gyroscope works, you have to understand how it is designed. You have a center wheel that spins on a rotor. The three gimbals that surround it spin around to keep the center wheel spinning without it having to rely on anything but momentum and gravity. The thing is, with this simple, but very complicated design, you can tilt the device and flip it upside down, and everything will continue to function the way it should. In short, no matter what the wheel and gimbal must deal with, gravity takes over to ensure that it still works the way it should. This makes it ideal for helping things that we use today to maintain the right orientation. It is a concept that some people use everyday thanks to the invention of a self balancing electric scooter.

How We Use Them Now

In today’s world, gyroscopes are used in everything from radio controlled helicopters to the Hubble Space telescope. They are used in things that cannot rely on magnetic compasses to keep them going in the right direction. The theory behind them is also used in bicycles, motorcycles, ships, and most other types of vehicles in one way or the other. Back in the day when everyone had a mouse with a tiny little ball in the middle of them, they were making use of a gyroscope. As technology continues to improve, the gyroscope is right there with us in a smart balance wheel and our smart phones with automatically rotating screens, as well as anything else we use that needs to be able to self-orient.

It kind of makes you wonder how we have so much technology and still base the things we use on a device that was invented over 273 years ago. This machine was invented long before our technology knew what to do with it. It has been reinvented and renamed many times, but in the end it is still the basis of what we use today. Perhaps we should all say, “Thank you” to John Seson for what he has given us today.

Space X: Private Industry takes to Space Exploration

SpaceX or the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is located in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, who played a major role in the success of PayPal back in 2000 and he is part of the reason it went public in 2002. More recently, Musk is CEO of Tesla Motors, one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers. SpaceX has since become the first companies ever to create reusable rockets and plan to make an even bigger impact in space technology in the near future. (more…)

Most Recent Supernova Ignition Takes Scientists by Surprise

Supernova-205x300The most recent supernova event has left the science world second guessing the things they once believed. It happened during the early part of this year and thanks to the Kepler space telescope, as well as the Australian National University’s research, they were able to see a 1a supernova during the earliest stages of ignition through the next three weeks when it reached its peak brightness. Over the next few months they continued to watch as its brightness declined. (more…)

What the Air Force’s X-37B Launches Could Mean

logo_airforceOn May 20, 2015, the Air Force’s X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle launched its fourth time into orbit on a secret mission. The mission is completely confidential and no one is giving forth any information regarding what is going on when it is up in the air. However, that does not mean that there is not plenty ofspeculation and conspiracy theories going around. It has been a popular topic of debate since the first secretive mission. (more…)

Elon Musk’s Impact on Technology

Elon Musk is a name that you may have heard numerous times if you have an interest in the high tech world, because he has his name in a variety of different areas of interest. He is the cofounder of companies that include PayPal, the safest way to pay via your computer and the founder of SpaceX, which is an aerospace manufacturer and more. By trade he is an entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, and an investor. He is a man who is definitely making big changes in the world of technology and science. Anyone who does not know his name today, will certainly have a chance to know it well in the future. (more…)

The Google Self Driving Vehicle

The promise behind self-driving vehicles has been around for many years and each year, we seem to take one step closer to having the option to kick back while the vehicle does the driving. In January 2015, things took a huge step forward when several automakers announced that they would have a self-driving vehicle on the road somewhere between 2017 and 2020. However, Google has had a driverless car in the works since 2010. In April 2014, Google announced that they had logged in approximately 700,000 autonomous miles. By late May, they had developed a new prototype vehicle to try; one that is 100% autonomous. They stated it would have no steering wheel, brake pedal, or gas pedal. This too has now become a reality. (more…)

NASA’s Pluto Probe May Send Crowdsourced Messages on Flyby

As a world, we are all fascinated with the possibility of life on other planets. Are there extra-terrestrial beings that live on far away planets? Numerous studies have been done, but still we all wish and hope for more. NASA’s newest efforts to locate other life forms are about to take it one step further. The goal, to send a crowdsourced message on a flyby of Pluto. (more…)

The Mystery behind the Northern Lights

NorthernLights-300x200Most people have heard of the northern lights. Many have been able to see their beauty. Those who have never seen them, wish that they could. It is one of those natural phenomenon that never loses its significance. People from all over the world travel to places where the northern lights are most visible during peak times of the year. Have you ever wondered why some areas see it more often than others? What really goes on within our world when the Northern lights form? Below, you will find out what causes these lights to dance across our skies. (more…)

Is There Truth to What is Written in the Stars?

Everyday there are people who check their horoscope to see what the stars have to say about their day. What will happen to them? Will they meet their soulmate? Is today a day that they are better off calling in sick and going back to bed on? Some people base their day on these snippets of information. Others simply enjoy reading about what the stars have to say and they wonder if there is actually truth behind it or if it is all luck of the draw. Do you believe there is truth to what is written in the stars? (more…)

Are Your Moods As Shifty As the Tides?

TideClock-300x225 (1)Research has proven that the effects of the moon are felt on the earth. If it were not for the moon, we would not have ocean tides, our planet earth would not be able to stay on its axis of rotation and even metals may not be as abundant as they are. The moon also impacts animal life in some cases. For instance, a lion may be less likely to hunt food when the full moon is high in the sky. They favor the darkness instead of the light given by the moon. What other things may be impacted by the night sky and the moon’s brightness? Is there a chance that the moon makes yourmoods as shifty as the tides? (more…)

Astrological Events to Watch in 2015

Have you ever looked up at the sky and saw something amazing? Whether it was a comet shooting across the night sky, or a lot of shooting stars, it always makes a person stop and think about all that goes on in our universe. It does not matter if you see it or not, already this year there have been a total sun and a total moon eclipse. You can be certain that there are always celestial things happening above you. In 2015, there are also a variety of things going on. How many will you be able to see? How many do you know about? Here are some of the most impressive astrological events to watch in 2015. (more…)